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Get ready for the most exciting year of your life! Since weddings are a once in a lifetime event, most newly engaged couples are overwhelmed by all they have to do.  You have to choose people and services that you are unfamiliar with.  Your only course of action is to visit wedding planning sites, listen to advice from friends and family, and visit with many vendors so you can make an informed decision on who you would like to share in your special day. From catering halls to florists, hair trials to limos, there are so many different vendors and options to decide on. 

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As a client of Remember The Night you will have access to online information such as account status, play lists, and other important information. To log-in go to the Home tab above and select Client Login from the drop down list. 

Our Services

Remember The Night is so much more than just your regular DJ Company. DJ'ing is not our job, it is our passion.  We understand your dilemma and work with you to calm your fears.  This may be YOUR first wedding but it certainly isn't our first wedding. We will use our extensive experience from previous weddings to ensure that your day is perfect.

We have a rough timeline of events that happen at 95% of the receptions in NW Ohio. These timeline events can be changed to suit your needs - you have 100% control. Upon booking our services we will guide you step by step through every event in your reception.  A face-to-face meeting is generally required for our weddings but phone conversations and emails can be substituted if needed. 

Every wedding reception that we do is different.  There are many types of people and personalities in this world, and everyone has their own definition of  fun. Our passion is to create a wedding experience that suits your needs and desires.  If you were to look at a sample of our last 10 weddings you would be hard pressed to find two that were the same. From our extensive music collection to guest interaction, you decide exactly what you are going have at your event. 

The week before your wedding is a busy time for us.  We take the time to go over the last minute details of your reception and we make sure everything is in order.  Introductions and announcements are rehearsed and set to the appropriate energy level of your reception.

Contact us today so we can start planning your wedding reception. 

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